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Things I do: I work with data and give it a voice through storytelling. My work includes content strategy, content production, editing, and copywriting – all with UX in mind for digital audiences.Why I do it: Good storytelling creates understanding and connection, and that's the kind of world I want to live in. My skills are rooted in journalism, which is to say I like facts and data. I work best in multifaceted teams who like to explore all the things that digital content can be.

Some content I've already made for the internet includes:


Concept and strategy focussed on visibility and participation for a federal political initiative focussed on getting more women in tech jobs. Project management and creative direction for branding, website, social strategy and campaign with an interdisciplinary team delivered in a really tight time frame. The project was announced at the 2020 Digital Gipfel.

Data storytelling

Launched INFO.GRAPHICS – an online publication highlighting data-driven stories – as managing editor while working at Sapera Consultancy. Awarded Malofiej silver. As managing editor, I ensured quality content, editorial coordination for launch through project management. My favourite story was about what billions of hacked passwords tells us about human behaviour and was featured on Explore/Explain.

I've conceptualised and executed content for DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH, the German Federal Environment Ministry, the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V., GWAdriga GmbH & Co. KG and other small business owners.

First-gen feminists

A conceptual project on Instagram: The story of how German women gained the right to vote through the power of networks. A central profile gives a historical overview and links to six heroes of the story. Custom hashtags shows who worked together on which milestone. Created with the team at Sapera. Featured in my talk at the Ada Lovelace festival, BIG Oslo and covered in Edition F.

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Sometimes, I get silly:
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